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Housing Rehabilitation Program


Do I have to live in Newton to receive funding?
Yes, only Newton residents and Newton properties are eligible for program funds.  Many neighboring communities have similar programs.

Are all Newton homeowners eligible for funding?
No.  The program is limited to low-and moderate-income households.

What type of work is eligible for funding assistance?
Eligible project work is characterized as Priority and Non-Priority: Priority work includes certain emergencies, hazard abatement, removal of architectural barriers, correction of structural failures and the correction of serious code violations. 

Non-priority work includes energy conservation and weatherization measures, correction of certain code violations and the removal of underground oil storage tanks.

Limited assistance for emergencies is available.  The Rehab/Construction Manager is responsible for determining whether a property owner is eligible for emergency assistance. 

What kind of financial assistance is available?
All funding assistance is in the form of deferred payment loan at zero percent interest due upon sale or transfer of the property with two exceptions:  (1) the cost of deleading is in the form of a grant and (2) emergency funding assistance for hoarding clean up is in the form of a grant up to $5,000 and available for who are receiving or willing to receive mental health services.

I have children in my household. Are funds available for deleading and do I have to remove lead hazards?
Yes, you must make the unit lead safe. The Program provides funding in the form of a grant to assist in lead abatement.

I have no young children (under six) in my household. Do I have to worry about lead paint?
To meet federal regulations, we are required to make a determination about the existence of lead hazards in all units assisted with federal funds.  You may have to include some abatement and/or use lead safe construction practices to be eligible for funding. 

Do I have to temporarily relocate during construction?
Resident households are required to temporarily relocate during lead paint abatement.  The Program provides financial assistance to off-set relocation costs.

Can Program funds be used to assist rental units?
Yes, but the tenants must be income-eligible.  Program funds may only assist rental units in owner-occupied two-family residential structures or in rental developments owned by a nonprofit affordable housing organization or the Newton Housing Authority.  Rental units must be deed-restricted.

How can I find out more information?
More information about the Program is available on the City website

You can also contact Rieko Hayashi, Housing Planner, at (617) 796-1149 or